Our Process

RLCbats personalized baseball bats are made from Major League quality wood.  We select the finest Northern White Ash or Hard Rock Sugar Maple to make your bat. The first step in making a baseball bat is picking a billet with the proper weight for what is needed. A billet is a cylindrical piece of wood that is 37" long and has a diameter of 3". It is centered on a woodworking lathe, and two carbide blades cut out the baseball bat. After the bat is shaped, the extra wood is cut off the ends. It is then sanded with three stages of sandpaper to create a smooth surface.


RLCbats uses the latest CNC software to cut our bats to make sure they are exactly the same each cut.


RLCbats uses top quality billets to turn their bats. Each one is 37" long by 3" diameter assure a perfect cut everytime.

This is Kyle working the band saw. This is how we cut the extra wood off the end of the bats.

RLCbats uses only rock maple logs to make their billets. These logs come from Northern PA, NY, and Canada.

RLCbats can cut up to 45 billets an hour with our saw.

RLCbats turns the squares into rounds so they can be placed on the lathe.

RLCbats can produce many different models and custom models to your liking.

Focusing the laser engraver.


The last step of production is personalization. During this stage, we create the bat the customer orders.  We choose the length and model, paint it with the proper colors, and dip it in a polyurethane protective coat.  After it dries completely, it is placed in the laser engraver and the customers personalization is burned on the barrel.  This can include names or team logos.